Qamara’s Advanced Learning Program

QALP Class

Qamara’s Advanced Learning Program (QALP) targeting children with autism and other special needs from 7 to 12 years old that have issues in their living development and performance.

QALP also focus on children facing difficulties adapting and learn in a standard school.

The objective is to promote self-determination and foster independence and support in mastering the 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic).

The children will get exposure to pre-vocational skills in this program. It is for the transition process from childhood to adolescence.

Terms & Conditions :

  1. Not included registration & other fees.
  2. Price only for 1 session: Morning or Evening.
  3. Different price for both session enrollment.
  4. This pricing for local/malaysian people.
  5. For foreigner, please contact us for pricing.
Qamara’s Advanced Learning Program
Advanced Learning
(QALP) Qamara’s Advanced Learning Program
7 - 12
years old
class size
3 hours
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